Hildur Heimisdottir (Hilda)

Hildur Heimisdottir, or Hilda, was born and raised in Iceland. She started taking music lessons at an early age and at age 8 she picked the cello as her main instrument and took piano and choir on the side. Hilda graduated from high school in Reykjavik in 2004 and started her Bachelor's degree in Music at the Icelandic Academy of the Arts in the same year. She spent one semester in Finland as an exchange student. Hilda moved to Denmark in 2010 to obtain a Master's degree in Music and Music Pedagogy. During her studies in Denmark, Hilda started researching Nordic folk music and Icelandic folk instruments. Since graduating in 2012 with a Master's degree, Hilda has taught music to both children and adults in Denmark, Iceland and Texas. She has performed both classical music and folk music worldwide and she published her first CD with Icelandic folk music in 2015. Hilda is a mother of one daughter

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