Genny Chang received her Bachelor’s degree in Music from the Chinese Culture University in Taipei, Taiwan, and her Diplomas with Honors from the Brescia Conservatory of Music in Brescia, Italy and the Music Institute of Brera in Novara, Italy.

Genny has 20 years of teaching experience in Taiwan, Italy and the United States. She has performed piano at various concert halls and churches. She has extensive experience accompanying instrumental and vocal performances. Genny was the Head Instructor at the Musical Page Piano Studio; the piano instructor at the Nashua Community Music School in New Hampshire. She also taught in Bella Musica studio in north Dallas. Currently she teaches piano, voice and cello at the Park Cities School of Music in Dallas, Texas.

Genny believes that a good educator is one that has strong faith in his/her students, treats each one as an individual and uses a unique approach to each student. One of the most important ways for her to provide high quality teaching is to be prepared for each and every class period and to anticipate and understand the student’s needs, expectations, and goals.

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