“The Lion King” Revue



Cast Members of “The Lion King”: Revue

“Just Cant Wait To Be King”

Simba - Chloe Byrd / Understudy: Sophia Siepiela

Zazu - Aisha Malik / Understudy: Austin Hail

Nala - Leila Colquitt / Understudy: Alexis Girard

“Can You Feel The Love Tonight”

Simba - Alexander Hail / Understudy: Hassan Malik

Nala - Meg Morrill / Understudy: Amelia Latimar

Timon - Savannah Hail / Understudy: Gracie King

Pumba - Jeannine Vaughan / Understudy: Teema Saad

“Hakuna Matata"

Pumba - Hassan Malik / Understudy: Teema Saad

Timon - Maya Saad / Understudy: Pari Shahidzadeh

Simba - Sophia Siepiela / Understudy: Jeannine Vaughan

“Circle of Life”

Briana Valdez

Amelia Latimer


Nathaniel Allison, Isabel Carvalho, Chloe Byrd, Sophia Siepiela, Aisha Malik, Hassan Malik, Leila Colquitt, Alexis Girard, Gracie King, Briana Valdez, Amelia Latimer, Teema Saad, Maya Saad, Pari Shahidzadeh, Savannah Hail, Alexander Hail, Austin Hail, Jeannine Vaughan, Meg Morrill

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